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Annual Report

This annual publication reports on the financial health of our center over the past year, as well as special activities, developments and accomplishments.

The 2017 Annual Report Service Coordination: Embracing Our Core Values highlights the important role of service coordination in supporting our clients and families.

The 2016 Annual Report Working Together: Getting Involved looks at some of the ways that the individuals and families we serve have volunteered their time and talents to make a difference in our community.

The 2015 Annual Report: Sharing the Journey Growing Up with HRC highlights three adult clients and their families whom we have had the pleasure of knowing since young childhood.

The 2014 Annual Report : Together From The Start We take a look at HRC's Together From the Start early childhood programs for infants, toddlers and their families.

The 2013 Annual Report: Celebrating 40 YearsWe look back at our beginnings and the evolution of Harbor Regional Center since our inception in 1973-74.

The 2012 Harbor Regional Center Annual Report, Enthusiasm, highlights some adults served by HRC in their daily lives as they live, learn, work, and play, and love what they do.

The 2011 Harbor Regional Center Annual Report, Transition: Looking Forward, features some special initiatives designed to ease the transition to adulthood, including post secondary education, student housing, job preparation and training.

The 2010 Harbor Regional Center Annual Report, Valued Neighbors, reviews our recent progress in development of affordable and sustainable housing for people with developmental disabilities.

The 2009 Harbor Regional Center Annual Report, Sharing, Supporting, Succeeding, reviews recent initiatives for family centered therapies, and the benefits experienced by parent participants.

The 2008 Harbor Regional Center Annual Report, A Partnership That Works, reviews the efforts , and celebrates the successes of HRC and the Business Advisory Council in expanding employment opportunties for individuals with developmental disabilities.

The 2007 Harbor Regional Center Annual Report, Celebrating Our Stars, celebrates the accomplishments of just a few of HRC's "stars".

The 2006 Harbor Regional Center Annual Report celebrates the 40th anniversary of the first California regional centers.