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Service Policies are developed & reviewed by the HRC Board Client Services Committee, which consists of board members, parents, people with developmental disabilities, and service providers. Many of these policies have been recently updated to reflect changes in recent years to the Lanterman Act. After they are approved by the HRC Board of Trustees, all service policies have submitted to the California Department of Developmental Services and have been approved.

General Standards

Respite Care This policy is under review and is to be updated to reflect the Legislative action taken as part of the budget trailer bill process. The current cap on respite services will be lifted effective January 1, 2018. Our HRC policy will need to be revised accordingly.
Respite Assessment Guidelines
Respite Needs Assessment Summary Sheet

In-Home Nursing Services

Medical and Dental Services

Transportation and Mobility Services

Durable and Non-Durable Equipment and Supplies

Crisis Intervention Services

Adult Supports

Family Member Support, Information, and Training

Transition Services for State Developmental Center Clients


Day/After School Care

Therapy Services

Early Childhood Services

Parent Training in Behavior Management

Independent Living Skills Training

Supported Living

Licensed Living Options

Employment First

Adult Day Activity

Family Life Support

Insurance, Co-Payments, Coinsurance and Deductibles