About Us

Our Core Values


Fostering Empowerment & Self Direction

People with developmental disabilities and their families who are knowledgeable of their rights and opportunities are able to make decisions on their own behalf, and are empowered to exercise control of, and responsibility for their own lives. Harbor Regional Center is committed to providing support, information, and choices to facilitate the empowerment process, and to assisting our clients to achieve the greatest self-sufficiency possible.

Providing Support

Ensuring that families receive early, continued, flexible and culturally-sensitive support assists them to maintain a secure and stable family system. A viable support system includes informal sources such as family, friends, and community, as well as formal support from educators, clinicians and service coordinators. Harbor Regional Center's role is to respect, support, and promote family and community relationships, and build partnerships that contribute to desired outcomes, hopes and dreams.

Promoting Informed Choice

Individuals and families who are able to see themselves as capable and competent decision makers can take a leadership role in all areas of their lives. Harbor Regional Center is committed to empowering our clients and families to be knowledgeable of their options, exercise informed choices, and pursue their desired outcomes based upon these choices.

Coordinating Family/Person Centered Services

We respect the important roles and relationships of the individual, family, professionals, and the community, as equal participants on the individual's team. Harbor Regional Center is committed to strengthening each family's ability to promote their family member's development.

Sharing Information

Information provides individuals with developmental disabilities and their families with the knowledge to make decisions, and to be active participants in the planning and coordination of services. Information about our clients, our services, and our performance enables our community and legislative leaders to better understand and strengthen our service system. Harbor Regional Center believes in openness and transparency, and is committed to listening and receiving feedback, and providing timely, accurate and comprehensive information to our clients, families, service providers, board, staff, and the general public.

Advancing Inclusion

We promote services and supports that are provided in small, individualized, integrated, and inclusive settings, utilizing natural environments and relationships whenever possible. Harbor Regional Center is committed to maximizing opportunities for meaningful interaction with people without disabilities, and active participation in the community.

Respecting Partnership

We recognize that the regional center and its clients, families, service providers, legislative leaders, and funding sources must actively work together as partners within a complex system of services. We value our relationship with all of our partners, with whom we share responsibility for facing challenges and achieving results. We are committed to working together with a common sense of purpose, to achieve the vision and mission we have established.

Embracing Excellence and Innovation

We strive to be a learning and evolving organization. We promote the development of well-trained, knowledgeable and effective staff and service providers, with whom we share expectations for continuous quality improvement, innovative approaches, and evidence-based practices. We are committed to the development of services and supports that expand horizons, facilitate independent and productive lives, and support integration in the community for people with developmental disabilities.

Demonstrating Leadership

We take pride in our long history of compassionate service delivery, combined with conscientious stewardship and accountability. Our board, staff, clients, families, and service providers are rich in experience and knowledge, and provide valuable guidance in establishing the future direction of our Center. Together we value openness, communication, accessibility, fiscal responsibility and prudent effective use of available resources. We work in partnership with our stakeholders in the exchange of ideas, and in establishing the direction of the Center, for the achievement of our shared goals. We are committed to continuing to develop strong leaders for the future.

HRC Board of Trustees
April, 2012