Get Involved


In this section we have provided tools for you to get involved in advocacy, promote the rights of people with disabilities, and let our state policy makers know why services are needed and important. Let your voice be heard!

To support our clients' and families' advocacy needs, HRC Service Coordinators have access with consultants with a variety of special expertise.

For example if you have questions about individual rights to education services provided by local school districts and individual education planning, your Service Coordinator may consult with our Educational Specialist, Attorney Benjamin Kim. If needed your Service Coordinator may arrnage for a face to face meeting with Mr. Kim.

Or, you may have questions about your public benefits such as SSI, MediCal, IHSS, etc. You may wish to attend a presentation by our Benefits Specialist, Cori Reifman (see the Training and Events Catalog for regularly scheduled trainings offered at our Torrance and Long Beach offices). Your Service Coordinator may consult with Ms Reifman on your behalf, regarading your specific questions, or schedule a meeting if needed.

At times, you may want to contact one of these Advocacy Organizations in the community.