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Screen Time While In Survival Mode

A lot of parents are currently in survival mode and that means doing things as a parent that they hadn't planned on doing. For a lot of parents, that is letting your child have screen time or an increased amount of screen time. The first link below is to a great article to let you know that if your child is having screen time there are ways to make it quality screen time that they can learn from. I hope this article provides new tips for how to incorporate screen time, if necessary, and how to remove any guilt you may be feeling. The second link is 5 simple things you can do to increase the joy of video chatting with loved ones that your children miss.


Hi Everyone!!
If there is ONE thing that I ask of you it is to READ, READ, READ books to your children. Have books readily available at all times. One of my MOST favorite things to do is read children's book to little ones!! We know that early language exposure significantly affects the way language networks are built in the brain and psychologist Anne Fernald of Stanford University has shown that "a child's mental processing shaped through rich engagement with language." Books are full of vocabulary and provide a rich language experience. They allow children to explore different worlds by visual references and they set a foundation for better literacy skills later on. Reading books with your child is a time to bond with them, it allows for cooperation of experiencing words together, and it helps to build a foundation for future learning abilities and referencing the outside world.

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