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Providing Services During a Pandemic

Virtual Services
Our HRC Service Providers who provide non-residential services had to work quickly after congregate service settings were ordered to close, to find alternative ways to provide services to our clients and families on a virtual platform.

Mother and son at home, having a virtual therapy session with a Pediatric Therapy Network therapist

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Screen Time While In Survival Mode

A lot of parents are currently in survival mode and that means doing things as a parent that they hadn't planned on doing. For a lot of parents, that is letting your child have screen time or an increased amount of screen time. The first link below is to a great article to let you know that if your child is having screen time there are ways to make it quality screen time that they can learn from. I hope this article provides new tips for how to incorporate screen time, if necessary, and how to remove any guilt you may be feeling. The second link is 5 simple things you can do to increase the joy of video chatting with loved ones that your children miss.

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