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Fawn lives with her mother and sister. She has multiple diagnoses of Intellectual Disability and Cerebral Palsy, which she acquired as the result of a near-drowning accident when she was eight months old. Her caregiver left her momentarily unattended in the bath.

Following her accident, she was in a coma for three months, and it was not known to what extent she would be able to recover. The lack of oxygen caused damage to her brain, and therefore to numerous functions of her body which are controlled by these parts of the brain. Some of her medical needs during her recovery included the need for a tracheostomy to breathe, and a gastrostomy tube (also referred to as a G-tube) for feeding.

She remains partially sighted and hearing impaired. Physical and occupational therapy have helped her to gradually improve her motor functioning. She has had multiple surgeries to her legs and eyes, and continues to wear leg braces and corrective lenses.

Fawn is becoming increasingly independent in activities of daily living and self-help, with occasional reminders from her mother. Her verbal skills are somewhat higher than her performance skills, which may at times cause her to appear more advanced than she is. She does need supervision due to her limited safety skills and ability to make social judgements.

She attends a special education program, where her current program is focused upon transition to adulthood. Through her school she has become involved in many activities which she enjoys, such as basketball, bowling, and dancing to name a few. She has had the opportunity to travel with her team and attend competitions all around the country, and hopes to go to the Special Olympic games in Ireland.