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Kelly at Age 13

Kelly lives with her parents, sister, and brother. She has a diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy, Spastic Diplegic type, which affects both of her legs. Kelly has achieved a long-time goal to be able to walk independently. To achieve this she has had three major surgeries on her legs and has made much effort over the years, in physical therapy and a home exercise program. In past years, she has used various types of adaptive equipment, including crutches, leg braces, and a wheelchair when she has needed to travel longer distances. At this time she needs only orthotic lifts in her shoes.

Since kindergarten, Kelly attended regular classes at Our Lady of Guadalupe School, where she has been a dedicated "A" and "B" student. She celebrated her graduation from middle school, where she proudly walked in the procession with her classmates, and will enter the ninth grade at Bishop Montgomery High School. She selected this school in part because many of her friends from middle school will be attending there, and also because it has a smaller, more level campus which will be easier for her to physically maneuver during her busy high school day.

Kelly is a very responsible and determined girl. Her job right now, according to her parents, is to be the best student she can be, and to do her share of household duties like cleaning her room, helping out with meals, etc. She is conscientious about doing this job well, so that she can also do the things she enjoys. She has many friends and many interests. She has enjoyed swimming and horseback riding, which helped her to build her body strength while also having fun, and she gets together regularly with her friends to go to the movies, out for a meal, and shopping. She plans one day to go to college, live on her own, and to become a teacher.