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2018 - 19 Developmental Services Budget

June 2018

The legislature has approved the budget and sent it to the Governor for signature.

Unfortunately, while this final agreement includes some good news, it also contains some disappointments for developmental services.

In January of this year, and then again with his May Revise, the Governor presented his Budget with some additional funding for developmental services to cover the cost of growth in new clients statewide. It did not however include funding for any of the elements for which the developmental disabilities community has been advocating for many months.

Senate and Assembly Budget Committees carefully considered input from our advocates, and gave their support for recommendations for our community. To consider the different proposals by each house a Conference Committee was formed to resolve any differences. The outcomes of these committees were promising, and offered some hope for our system.

Leaders from both houses then entered into final negotiations with the Governor. The Office of the Governor has reported that they have reached an agreement.

  • The Good: $25 million in one-time bridge funding for service providers, requested by Assemblymember Chris Holden, was approved.
  • The Disappointing:
  • Social recreation and camp services will not be restored (these services still may not be funded by regional centers).
  • The Uniform Holiday Schedule (required unpaid closures for service providers) was NOT rejected, but was delayed. It will take effect one year from now.

Read joint statement from the Lanterman Coalition, "Outrage at State Budget Deal for California's Developmental Disability Community."