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2018 - 19 Developmental Services Budget

June 2018

The legislature has approved the 2018-2019 budget and it has been signed by the Governor.

click here to view the Budget Trailer Bill pertaining to developmental services with changes to the Welfare and Institutions Code notated.

Unfortunately, while this final budget includes some good news, it also contains some disappointments for developmental services.

In January of this year, and then again with his May Revise, the Governor presented his Budget with some additional funding for developmental services to cover the addition of new clients statewide.

The Governor's budget did not include funding for any of the elements for which the developmental disabilities community has been advocating for many months. Budget Committees in the Assembly and Senate supported funding for some service enhancements. However, during final budget negotiations with the Governor, some enhancements to our system that had been approved by the Senate and Assembly Budget Committees were removed or modified.

  • APPROVED WITH MODIFICATIONS: $25 million in one-time bridge funding for service providers, requested by Assemblymember Chris Holden, was approved. This one-year funding is intended to support service providers who are struggling due to a rate freeze and increasing costs, while the State completes a comprehensive study of their rates. However, this approval is contingent upon obtaining federal matching funds, which can be a lengthy process.
  • NOT APPROVED: Although we advocated for restoration of funding, social recreation and camp services will not be restored (so regional centers are still prohibited from funding these services).
  • APPROVED BUT SUSPENDED: The Uniform Holiday Schedule (required unpaid closures for service providers, as recommended in the Governor's Budget but opposed by regional centers and advocates) was approved, but suspended for one year.

Read joint statement from the Lanterman Coalition, "Outrage at State Budget Deal for California's Developmental Disability Community."