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June 2015

Tell your Governor and your Senator Ricardo Lara, member of the Budget Conference Committee to support an across the board increase in funding for developmental services in the community.• California’s Regional Center system now supports nearly 280,000 individuals with over 99% living outside of state-run institutional settings.
• Erosion of funding for the system, particularly more than $1 billion in cuts during the Great Recession, coupled with additional unfunded mandates, have left it struggling to maintain many individuals rather than providing them with the supports they need in order to thrive.
• California is blessed with dedicated community service providers who have the drive and skills to offer individualized services in each person’s community. These providers are struggling to hang on, and many are closing.
• Community service providers and regional centers need an initial 10% increase in funding to help stop the further decline of the system.
• We need significant reform for service rates and regional center operations to ensure that funding levels are adequate and sustainable
Governor's office (916) 445-2841, @JerryBrownGov: Contact him by email
Senator Lara (916) 651-4033, @SenRicardoLara