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Budget Success!

July 2020

Thank You Legislators and Governor Newsom for Protecting Developmental Services!

And many, many thanks to all of you! for sending emails, letters, and phone calls!

We know that our state is facing a serious budget shortfall, as a result of the economic impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic upon state revenues. Over $500 million in cuts to our service system had been proposed, to help close this shortfall.

We asked you to contact your legislators by phone, letters and emails, and you, along with individuals, families, and service providers across the state, stepped up! Our legislators heard our community, on the vital importance of protecting services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and told the Governor to refrain from his proposed budget cuts for developmental services.

In their final negotiations, these cuts were removed!

The Governor and the legislators reached an agreement, and the proposed cuts to developmental services were not included in the final budget that was signed this week by Governor Newsom. The budget for Fiscal Year 2020-21 continues to fund current programs, funds growth in caseload and utilization, and provides for a few more service providers to receive needed rate increases.

In view of the current fiscal environment, this is very good news. Thank you all for your support.