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Holiday Message 12/23/20

December 2020

Harbor Regional Center offices will be closed for the holidays on:
Thursday, December 24th and Friday, December 25th
Thursday, December 31st and Friday, January 1st

If you have an emergency during the holiday and need assistance from the Regional Center, call the main phone number at 310 540-1711 and follow the recorded instructions.

We at HRC sincerely hope that all of you remain safe and in good health throughout this holiday season. We look forward to sharing a happy, hopeful and healthy new year together.

from the California Department of Developmental Services

As this year draws to a close, the Department of Developmental Services (Department) is reminding everyone that it is necessary and essential for all of us to modify or pause usual traditions, to minimize risk, keep each other safe and help stop the spread of COVID-19. The safest way to celebrate holidays this year is to stay at home with members of your own household. During the last few weeks, the number of reported regional center consumer and/or support staff COVID-19 cases has dramatically increased.

Whenever possible, service providers must reduce sharing of staff between facilities and other settings. If additional staff support is needed, please contact your regional center. In-person visits to individuals residing in residential facilities should be limited, as stated in the Department’s March 23, 2020 Directive. If visits are necessary and cannot be conducted through remote electronic communications the service provider must develop and implement a risk mitigation plan that includes:
• Requiring physical distancing at all times
• Requiring face coverings to the extent possible for all individuals involved
• Screening visitors for signs of illness or exposure to COVID-19
• Canceling or rescheduling the visit if anyone has a known or suspected exposure (reschedule for no sooner than 14 days following exposure)
• Providing supplies for hand hygiene
• Implementing rigorous cleaning/disinfecting post visit

Do You Know Someone with a CalABLE Savings Account?
The CalABLE Program allows eligible individuals with disabilities and their friends
and families to contribute up to $15,000 before the end of 2020

Sacramento – As the year comes to a close, individuals with disabilities and their loved ones are encouraged to take advantage of the economic and tax benefits of opening and contributing this holiday season to CalABLE, a savings and investment plan offered by the state of California to individuals with a disability.

Eligible individuals, family, friends, and employers can contribute up to $15,000 a year without affecting the beneficiary’s public disability benefits. Eligible working adults with a disability can contribute even more to their accounts. Best of all, earnings on qualified withdrawals from a CalABLE account are federal and California tax-free.

With Californians facing challenging economic times and pandemic-rooted concerns, CalABLE offers eligible people with disabilities a way to save for the future – with no impact on their federal and California state benefits.

"CalABLE is a great program to create financial equity for people with disabilities," says State Treasurer Fiona Ma, who chairs the CalABLE Act Board. "During these challenging times, it is a wonderful and meaningful way to give back this holiday season to those in our community who need our support."

"CalABLE has always been a great way for individuals with disabilities – and their friends and family members – to prepare for their futures, but the economic and public health challenges of 2020 have made it more important than ever before," said Dante Allen, executive director of CalABLE. "Contributing to a loved one’s CalABLE account this holiday season can help them with important expenses down the line – whether it’s buying a home, paying for tuition or purchasing adaptive equipment."

Savings in a CalABLE account can be used for many different disability-related expenses ranging from education, employment support, housing, transportation, assistive technology, and healthcare. Friends and family can contribute directly to a CalABLE account via an E-Gift event that may be set up by the CalABLE account holder.

To learn more about CalABLE or to open an account today, go to

And in the New Year, RespectAbility Presents a Webinar on:
Federal Hiring: Career Civil Servants with Disabilities
Date: Thursday, January 7, 2021
Time: 10:30 a.m. PT

Are you a person with a disability? Do you want to consider a career in the federal government but don’t know where to start? Do you know about Schedule A?

The president-elect has addressed the importance of hiring people with disabilities. It is prime time for you to merge your lived experience with your professional expertise and aspirations, just like anyone else. This webinar should help guide you through the process.

RespectAbility is proud to be virtually gathering with panelists from the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP); the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Disability Resource Center (DRC); the Equal Opportunity Policy Office of the Department of the Air Force; and RespectAbility’s vice-chair of its board who is a career civil servant and blind. Learn the need-to-know facts of applying for a career position in the federal government as a professional with a disability.

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