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HRC COVID-19: Safer at Home/Más seguro en casa

March 2020

Update on Status of Harbor Regional Center Offices Closure and Continuing Services

Due to the Safer At Home order for California residents, our offices in Torrance and Long Beach are currently closed to the public, including the Family Resource and Assistive Technology Centers.

HRC Public Meetings, family trainings, and support groups are also cancelled at least through the end of April.

Our staff are working remotely to continue supporting our clients and families.

If you are needing support, please contact our staff please via email or phone.
Please refer to .

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Debido al pedido de Más seguro en casa, para los residentes de California, nuestras oficinas en Torrance y Long Beach, incluidos los Centros de Recursos Familiares y Tecnología de Asistencia, actualmente están cerca del público.

Las reuniones, capacitaciones familiares y grupos de apoyo de HRC se cancelan al menos hasta finales de abril.

Nuestro personal está trabajando de forma remota para continuar apoyando a nuestros clientes y familias.

Si necesitas ayuda,póngase en contacto con nuestro personal. C onsulte .

Para actualizaciones, consulte .