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HRC COVID-19 Update: Client Services

March 2020

We are committed to supporting our clients and families during these difficult times, and we want to continue to keep you informed and answer questions regarding regional center services during the current State of Emergency due to COVID-19.

Last Friday we informed you that HRC public meetings, training events, and support group sessions for more than 15 individuals have been cancelled through the end of March.

We want you to know that Harbor Regional Center is not closed. Both of our offices remain open during all regular business hours. We are making every effort to implement social distancing and limiting the size of gatherings at the office. We continue to work to support you and your family.

The California Department of Developmental Services has issued directives to guide regional centers and service providers during this time. You can view them on the DDS website. We anticipate that additional directives will be issued as further decisions are made.

Thus far we have received guidance as follows:

  • Many of our service providers will experience decreased attendance as clients and families stay home, either because they have vulnerable health conditions or are elderly, or because their families are taking the precaution to remain home as much as possible. We understand that some day services have closed temporarily. We will encourage our service providers to continue to offer services and supports, and to find alternative approaches, such as staggered service hours to reduce the size of groups. The State of Emergency allows non-residential service providers to bill for absences due to COVID-19, “in excess of the average number of absences during the 12 months prior”.
  • Certain meetings such as early start meetings, individual person-centered planning meetings, and early start services may be held by phone or remote electronic communication, at the request of the client/family.
  • Clients who have compromised immune systems or who are more susceptible to respiratory illness, and live in certain types of licensed residential care homes (Adult Residential Facilities for Individuals with Special Health Care Needs, and Intermediate Care Facilities: Nursing or Continuous Nursing), must remain home rather than attend day services outside of their home (as directed by DDS due to the State of Emergency).
  • HRC staff will work together with our service providers to continue critical services, and to monitor the well-being of our clients who are most vulnerable in the community.
  • We continue to recommend that anyone who feels ill or exhibits symptoms should stay at home; we are happy to reschedule your appointments for a later time.
  • For anyone who believes that they may have been exposed to the COVID-19 virus, the LA County Department of Public Health has advised that most people will have mild symptoms and recommends that they should stay home until 24 hours after fever has returned to normal. Certain people should call their doctor early, including the elderly, pregnant women, those with compromised immune systems or underlying medical problems. If you are having difficulty breathing or keeping fluids down, go to an emergency room or call 911, otherwise it is better to call your doctor before going in to seek care.

We will continue to update our website page with HRC COVID-19 Updates, and to send out eNews bulletins with current information as it becomes available.

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