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Personal Protective Equipment: Census 2020

June 2020

HRC Receives Personal Protective Equipment for Distribution

During the past few months of the COVID-19 pandemic, Harbor Regional Center has distributed personal protective equipment (PPE) to our most vulnerable clients and those caring for them…including those living in licensed residential and supported living settings.

Supplies of PPE continue to be shipped from the state and county and we are now able to expand distribution to additional clients and families who may be in need.

If you are a client/family who lives with someone who is ill, may have been exposed to the virus, or has been placed at greater risk for exposure and you need help acquiring masks, sanitizer, etc., please contact your HRC service coordinator as we may be in a position to provide you/your family with needed PPE.

2020 Census
Be Counted!

Want to ensure your community gets its share of over $600 billion in federal funding? All people with disabilities must be counted in the 2020 Census. Help is available!

Individual household Info:

Licensed Home Administrators: Did you know that you have the important task of making sure everyone in your home is counted for the census? The Census Bureau helps group quarters administrators to respond to the census on behalf of residents.
More Info:

Email to get more help