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Training and Events Calendar

HRC publishes a Training and Events Calendar twice a year, covering seminars, workshops and special events for our clients and families, for the periods of January through June, and July through December. Printed copies are available in our Resource and Assistive Technology Center, or from your HRC Service Coordinator.

Download Training and Events Calendar Here:
January - June 2017 (pdf)


  • Parent and Family Support Groups - Page i
  • Assistive Technology - Page 1
    • Workshops for Parents: Creating Activity Schedules
  • Early Childhood: Together From the Start - For Families of Young Children- Pages 1-5
  • Behavioral Services and Supports - Page 5-6

    • Introduction to Behavioral Services
    • Understanding Behavior
    • Learning About My Body
    • Boundaries and Sexual Safety
  • Orientation to Employment: Helping You Get a Job - Page 6
  • Other Workshops - Pages 7-10

    • College 2 Career
    • Places To Live
    • CalABLE (Learn about new law for savings accounts for people with disabilities)
    • Conservatorship
    • Social, Recreation and Fitness
    • Transition from High School
    • Options for Adults
    • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
    • Estate Planning & Special Needs Trusts
    • In Home Supportive Services (IHSS)
  • Class for Adult Clients - Pass Your Driver's Test Page 10
  • Talleres en Espanol - Pages 2-5, Page 11

    • Juego Infantil
    • Mover y Aprender
    • Crianza Positiva
    • Estacion de la Imaginacion
      Introduccion a Los Servicios de Comportamiento
    • Entiendo El Comportamiento
    • Concocimiento De La Sexualidad
  • Training Locations - Page12