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Updating Our HRC Data Base

Harbor Regional Center is in the process of updating our data bases. We are doing this to ensure the data we have in our files accurately reflect your family demographics. The data we collect will assist HRC’s effort to better understand how we are providing services based upon various demographic characteristics (ethnicity, education, income, etc.). It will be used in the aggregate to assist us in obtaining a better understanding of our disparity gaps; specifically, how we are spending funds for various subgroups of those we serve, who are our underserved populations and what potential barriers exist that prevent our families from accessing services. We want to know whether there are any accessibility limitations for those we serve (barriers to service). And, we are also hoping to improve our ability to communicate with families through various means including the internet, when possible, and other media so it is important to update our records with information that will help us learn how to best reach each family.

Starting in September, at the time of each person’s Individual Person-centered Plan meeting, each client/family will be asked to provide current demographic data so that we can update our data bases. All clients and families should know that they may decline to provide the information we are requesting but that we are hopeful they will agree to assist us in our efforts to enhance our service delivery system.

Thank You.