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Project SEARCH at Kaiser South Bay

Kaiser Permanente South Bay
Business Partner

One of our newest partners in service delivery is Kaiser Permanente South Bay.

As a large health care provider in our community and part of a major national company, we dreamed of working together with them to expand job training and employment opportunities for our clients. Specifically, we hoped that we could introduce a Project SEARCH program into their medical center, to provide opportunities for high school-age students who are preparing to transition to the world of work. But we wondered if we would find an open door.

We are very pleased to report that Kaiser Permanente South Bay has thoroughly welcomed our clients as a lively part of the Kaiser Permanente South Bay family.

Kaiser Permanente South Bay learned that the Project SEARCH internship program has been successful elsewhere, and they were willing to take a chance on something new for their medical center. From the highest level of administration to each individual employee, they have embraced the project and the vision behind it. They have demonstrated full commitment to the process, encouraging their staff to take on new training and supervision responsibilities with young and inexperienced interns. And they have given our young interns the necessary support to make them successful.

We thank Kaiser Permanente South Bay for not only opening their doors, but for providing the greatest respect and confidence in young people with developmental disabilities. As our second class of graduating interns moves on to good jobs using their newfound skills, Kaiser Permanente South Bay can take great pride in the difference they have made in their young lives. We are pleased to pay tribute with enthusiasm and gratitude to our newest business partner, Kaiser Permanente South Bay.