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RFP 2017

Requests for Proposals

Harbor Regional Center (HRC) is a private non-profit organization under contract with the State of California Department of Developmental Services. HRC is part of a statewide network of 21 Regional Centers responsible for the coordination and development of services to meet the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities. Our service area is located in the southern and southwestern L.A. County, and includes Torrance, Harbor, Bellflower, and Long Beach health districts.

HRC evaluates the resource needs of our clients and the business needs of our Center on an ongoing basis, and periodically invites prospective service providers to submit proposals.We thank all potential service providers for their interest in these projects or future specialized development and requests for proposals.

HRC 2017 Request for Proposals:

Mobile Application Development

Harbor Regional Center (HRC) is seeking to contract with a vendor to develop a mobile device application that would allow HRC to connect and communicate with our clients and their families more effectively. HRC would like to harness the power of mobile communication by designing and launching a mobile application that engages, informs and educates our clients and their families around the supports and services we offer.
Submission Deadline: by close of business Friday, September 29, 2017