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Guidance Regarding Reporting Requirements for Alternative NonResidential Services

Guidance Regarding Reporting Requirements for Alterntive Nonresidential services, dated January 27, 2021
DDS informs us that service providers offering alternative services will continue to report on alternative services rendered to individuals via Survey Monkey and not in the e-Billing portal as previously mentioned. Please note that the Alternative Services Reports are due by the fifth of every month.

"For the reporting required for January 2021 and continuing until further guidance, by the fifth business day of each month, providers must submit a report for the prior month for each vendorization delivering Alternative Services using SurveyMonkey.

The survey may be accessed at:

Please note, once a survey is started it cannot be withdrawn or edited at a later time. Providers may request to have an incomplete survey deleted by contacting The request must include the program name, vendor number, service code, and specify which reporting month needs to be deleted.

Although the eBilling system has added features for reporting, providers are only required to report the days each consumer received Alternative Services when submitting invoices.

Additional guidance regarding future reporting methods is forthcoming. Any questions should be directed to

If you are a new alternative services provider, or have not submitted reporting for months starting in September 2020, please use the links below to access the report for the missing month(s):

For December 2020

DDS Guidance dated November 10, 2020 for Alternative Services Reporting for September – November 2020

For November 2020

For September & October 2020

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send to or

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