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Person Centered Practices

Training on Person Centered Practices
Strategies for Engagement in Challenging Times

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Trainings will be held from November 2020 through April 2021, at no cost to training participants.

The Department of Developmental Services (Department) is pleased to announce a training initiative on the principles and implementation of person-centered planning and thinking. This initiative aims to provide more information and support for stakeholders in California to be in alignment with person-centered planning requirements established with the Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) Settings Final Rule. The Department is partnering with Support Development Associates (SDA) and Public Consulting Group (PCG) for these trainings.

The initiative will consist of a series of webinar trainings that cover specific topics related to person-centered planning and thinking, including continuing engagement during times of challenge; a person-centered approach to risk; the importance of culture and identity in providing person-centered services; developing outcomes and goals; and creating a community of practice. There will be two live webinars on each training topic, and a recording of each training posted to the Department’s website.

The first training of this webinar series will provide information on balancing “important to” and “important for” as we seek a new normal during this time of uncertainty, and give participants tools to address this balance while supporting elements of resiliency, including maintaining connections, helping people be and feel safe, and assisting people to have control. There will be two two-hour webinars on the same topic, each covering the same material. Information to register is provided in the enclosed flyer, and the Department requests your assistance in sharing this flyer with individuals and family members receiving regional center services, regional center staff, consumer or family-run committees and organizations, vendor committees, and other community-based organizations.

Materials and recorded webinar and/or presentations will be distributed by e-mail and posted on the Department’s website at
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