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DDS Rate Survey

Rate Study Update

The DDS Rate Study was completed on August 3, 2018 and the responses represent 52% of total purchase of service expenditures, surpassing the initial 40% goal. Thank you for your participation. Following is a link to the Rate Study section of the DDS website:

Specialized Therapeutic Survey

On Monday, September 10, 2018, Burns & Associates sent out a targeted survey to providers of Specialized Therapeutic Services (service codes 115, 116, and 117). Due to the unique nature of these services, these providers were not asked to participate in the original Rate Study. Although the survey is voluntary, all vendors are encouraged to participate.

CLICK HERE to download the Specialized Therapeutic Survey Excel Spreadsheet.

CLICK HERE to download the Specialized Therapeutic Survey Instructions.

If you have any questions, please contact Burns & Associates at or (602) 241-8515.

Completed surveys are due by Friday, October 12 and should be submitted to

Background on the Rate Survey

Developmental services advocates have been fighting for years to obtain rate relief for developmental service providers in California. Advocates also continue to express alarm regarding program closures and waiting lists, due to increasing costs and inadequate rates.

In 2016, the legislature provided some funding to provide wage and benefit increases for direct care staff, in an effort to alleviate staff turnover. They also provided funding to develop and implement a rate study, as the first step in long awaited rate reform.

The Department of Developmental Services contracted with the organization Burns and Associates, who have prepared the rate survey that was distributed to service providers via email on May 25th.

" Data collected through the survey will be a key consideration as DDS assesses the adequacy of current payment rates and studies possible changes to the rates. Thus, although the survey is voluntary, all vendors are encouraged to participate."

"Data collected through this survey will be used solely for the purpose of evaluating reimbursement rates. Only aggregated data will be reported; no vendor-specific information will be published."

All providers with rates set through negotiation with the regional center, or with rates set by the Department of Developmental Services, are encouraged to complete the survey, even if you did not receive an email from Burns and Associates.

At this moment, this survey is the best hope we have to provide documentation to legislature of the crisis in service provider rates, and to see relief from the longstanding freeze. Completed surveys were due by August 3rd.