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Staff in the Department of Administration are available to answer your questions or assist you to make sure all the administrative paperwork is in place for your clients. Staff in this Department can answer questions related to authorizations for services, billing, and payments for services.

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Accounting Assignments
eBilling System
Electronic Purchase Orders
Service Provider Payment Schedule
Independent Audit Requirements

Accounting Assignments: Who should I contact in the Department of Administration?

Staff in the Department of Administration are given assignments based on the Service Provider Service Code. This is the three digit number assigned to the Service Provider at the time of vendorization (for example, "896" Supported Living Services).

Administration Contacts for Purchase of Services from a Service Provider:

HRC Electronic Billing and Payment System

The Electronic Billing and Payment System, or "eBilling" application, provides a more effective process for Service Provider invoicing and payment processing. With the eBilling system, Service Providers are able to electronically update and submit their monthly turn around invoicing and attendance to HRC via the Internet. Additionally, Service Providers are able to access payment and billing history on the eBilling system.

Enter the eBilling Home Page

Service providers must complete and submit an Enrollment Application in order to bill for services. Applications may be submitted via e-mail to or mailed to HRC ATTN: Administration Dept eBilling.

Instructions to the eBilling system (PDF Format)
Service Providers with questions or problems can E-mail us.

Electronic Purchase Orders

Notice Regarding eMail Delivery of Purchase Order Documents

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

Service Provider Payment Schedule

Payments to service providers are disbursed twice each month. Claims for payments must be submitted by the 5th of each month to ensure payment by the 15th. Claims submitted after the 5th are processed by the next scheduled pay date.

Independent Audit Requirements:

Statutory Requirement to Obtain an Independent Audit or Independent Review Report of Financial Statements

Section 4652.5 has been added to the Welfare and Institutions Code requiring that specified vendors contract with an independent auditing firm for an audit or review of their financial statements.

On July 29, 2011, the Department of Developmental Services sent a letter to all regional center vendors who they believe are impacted by new requirments based upon purchase of service data. Click here to read the letter on the DDS website.

"Pursuant to this new law, when the amount the vendor receives from the regional center(s) during the vendor's fiscal year is more than or equal to two hundred fifty thousand dollars ($250,000), the vendor must obtain an independent audit or independent review report of its financial statements for the period. Consistent with California Code of Regulations, Title 17, this requirement also applies to work activity program providers receiving less than two hundred and fifty thousand dollars ($250,000). When the amount received from the regional center(s) during the vendor's fiscal year is equal to or more than five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000), the vendor must obtain an independent audit of its financial statements for the period."

On Sept 16, 2011, the Department of Developmental Service sent a letter to all Regional Center Executive Directors entitled "Additional Clarification on Implementation of Statutory Requirements in SB 74, Chapter 9, Statutes of 2011. "

This letter provides additional clarification on implementation of the statutory requirement for an independent review or audit of vendors who receive regional center funding in excess of $250,000 and $500,000, respectively (Welfare and Institutions Code1 section 4652.5), and the 15 percent administrative cap requirement for provider contracts and agreements (section 4629.7)."
Click here to read this letter on DDS Website