Service Providers

Emergency Planning

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Harbor Regional Center is requesting that our service providers try to contact us following an emergency/disaster. We want to know if you and your clients are safe and if you have had to re-locate or evacuate.

FIRST: Start by calling our regular number: (310) 540-1711.

SECOND: If our phone number is out-of-service, but you have electricity, phone service or a cell phone, you can call or text us from your cell phone at our new out-of-state number:

(314) 472-3675

Please tell us:
You name and the name and location of your organization
What is the status of your site?
Have you needed to relocate?
What is your current location?
What are the names of the clients who are with you?
Have there been any client injuries?
How many staff are with you?
Please tell us the telephone number or how we can reach you

THIRD: You can also call (314) 472-3675 to hear a message regarding the status of Harbor Regional Center.

At your earliest convenience – before a disaster – please provide HRC with your most recent emergency phone numbers and back-up numbers. If you have other ways for HRC to get in touch with you, such as through text or email, be sure to let us know that information. Do you currently have a generator or other back-up form of emergency power? If you do, please let us know. If you have an emergency preparation or emergency response plan that is not currently on file with HRC please send us a copy for our records.

Please provide this information to the attention of Maria Carmen Garibay in the Department of Community Services.

Thank You!