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Service Provider Holiday Schedules: Uniform Holiday Schedule

In a directive dated March 17, 2015, the Department of Developmental Services (Department) informed regional centers that a federal court issued an injunction barring the enforcement of the Uniform Holiday Schedule and Half-Day Billing rule. The Department moved to vacate the injunction, and on August 26, 2016, the United States district court granted the Department’s request and the injunction was lifted. The district court’s decision to lift the injunction was affirmed by the federal appellate court in May 2017. Accordingly, there is no current legal barrier to enforcing either the Uniform Holiday Schedule or Half-Day Billing rule.

In 2018, The Governor reintroduced the proposal for service providers to adopt a 14 day uniform holiday schedule. Advocates provided extensive testimony to legislators indicating that on top of the current funding freeze, the imposition of these additional unpaid holidays was an excessive financial hardship. Althought the final budget negotiations with the Governor approved the Uniform Holiday Schedule, it was agreed that the implementation shall be suspended for one year.

The 2018-2019 budget bill includes funding so that regional centers are not required to apply Welfare and Institutions Code (WIC) section 4692 during the 2018–19 fiscal year and enforce the Uniform Holiday Schedule. When appropriate, the Department will issue a future directive to regional centers providing information regarding any changes to; and required enforcement of, the Uniform Holiday Schedule.

Prior to the DDS requirement in 2009 to adopt 14 Uniform Holidays , the day program service providers in the Harbor Regional Center service area had agreed to a 10 day uniform holiday schedule specifically to assist HRC in facilitating and coordinating transportation services.

We request that all day program service providers advise us of their holiday schedule, and are hopeful that our day program service providers will continue this uniform holiday schedule:

1 New Year’s Day
2 Martin Luther King Day
3 President’s Day
4 Memorial Day
5 Independence Day
6 Labor Day
7 Thanksgiving Day
8 Day after Thanksgiving
9 Christmas Eve
10 Christmas Day

Harbor Regional Center will make every effort to coordinate transportation services if a day program service provider plans to observe different or fewer holidays. At this time we are unable to make this transportation commitment, but we will work with each service provider who chooses a different holiday schedule on an individual basis in an effort to ensure that clients who need transportation will be transported their programs.

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