Service Providers

Vaccine Update

January 13, 2021

Letter from Department of Developmental Services, confirming that regional center service providers are now prioritized under the State of California Vaccination Plan.

January 11, 2021

Beginning today, the remainder of health care workers in tier 2, and now in tier 3, will be able to schedule an appointment for the vaccine.
See Department of Public Health Prioritization and Allocation Schedule

Eligible to Register for Vaccination Appointments

  • Regional Center Health Care Workers are included in Tier 2. A Health Care Worker is defined as anyone who provides direct service to an individual who may have COVID-19.
  • Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and Physical Therapists are included in Tier 3.

Anyone who works for or with a Regional Center, (including service providers), providing direct service, should go to the website and secure an appointment.

Providing Documentation

The Dept. of Public Health has identified the four options below that one is required to bring to your appointment at the DPH vaccination site. If you do not have documentation, you will be asked to return with documentation.
1. Healthcare worker/HRC Staff employee ID badge with photo, OR
2. Professional license AND a photo ID, OR
3. Signed letter from your employer, and for service providers, your regional center on facility letterhead AND a photo ID, OR
4. Payment stub from healthcare provider with your name AND a photo ID

Other supplemental documentation that service providers have available if needed includes:

  • Purchase Orders/POS Authorizations
  • Printout of payment history from eBilling
  • Bank Statements showing deposits from a Regional Center
  • Regional Center service agreements, rate letters, Insurance COIs