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  • 1-2-3 Magia

    Niños, intervención temprana, manejo de la conducta, familias

  • 1-2-3 Magia, Disciplina Efectiva para Niños de 2 a 12

    Ninos, intervención temprana, manejo de la conducta, familias

  • 101 Magnificas Ideas para Enretener a Tu Hijo Mientras Haces Otra Cosa

    Ninos, Guia, Educacion, Familias

  • 101 Ways to Make Training Active

    This book contains strategies and techniques that you can apply to virtually any subject matter. The techniques are presented in three sections: How to get active participation from the start; How to teach information, skills, and attitudes actively; How to make training unforgettable. From orientation to technical updates, focus groups to team building, turn your ordinary training sessions into memorable occasions.

  • 150 Facts About Grieving Children

    This book presents 150 facts about grieving children in a concise and easy to read fashion. It is a sensible book that provides enormous help to all professionals and parents in understanding the powerful and unique grief experiences of our children

  • 18. The Rules of Sex

    Intended audience: clients, families, and professionals. This book provides clearly understandable and unambiguous guidelines to individuals who haven't had these issues explained to them. This gives people with intellectual disabilities the opportunity to learn about sex and the law in a safe, non-threatening and easy-to-understand way.

  • 19. Enabling Romance

    Intended audience: Adults with disabilities, parents, and professionals. Written by a disabled husband and his nondisabled wife, explores sexual variations and alternatives. Contains inspiring advice on building self-esteem and developing lasting, rewarding relationships. In addition, the authors offer a wealth of practical advice on everything from family planning. Sensitive to the needs and conditions of varying disabilities.

  • 21st Century Life Skills (Series)

    This series of 10 books plus cd resource guide includes instruction on community resources, consumer spending, household tasks, health and safety, etc. must be checked out as series.

  • 365 Activities You and Your Baby Will Love

    This book includes one educational play idea per each day of your baby's first year. The ideas include activities which will help develop focus, concentration, spatial awareness, improve coordination and expose your baby to language, music, and nature.

  • 9th International Professional Conference on Williams Syndrome

    The booklet covers the workshops which were covered during the 9th IPC on Williams