Baby Signing Training Bibliographies


  • Simple Signing with Young Children

    Written for teachers of hearing children from birth to age six, Simple Signing is the perfect introduction to teaching young children through sign. There are chapters for infants, toddlers, and preschool children, with age-appropriate signs. The chapter written for teachers of infants focuses on using beginning signs as a bridge to communicating with words, while the toddler chapter focuses on signing to promote expression, enrich vocabulary, and teach social skills. The preschool chapter places an emphasis on using signs to enhance emergent literacy skills.


  • American Sign Language Babies: Series of Books

    Using a selection of common signs, these enchanting drawings help parents and their children communicate in sign language. Designed for ease of learning, all of the signs in these titles can be learned quickly by both children and parents. These drawings demonstrate how to sign words related to a baby’s first words (First Signs), getting dressed (Get Dressed), meal times (Let’s Eat) and being outside (Outside).

  • Baby Einstein: My First Signs

    My First Signs is a playful introduction to 20 common words and phrases from baby’s world, both spoken and in sign language. Featuring fun puppet shows, real-world images and beautiful classical music, this delightful program presents fun ways for you and your baby to interact on a whole new level!

  • Baby Signing Time

    Baby Signing Time sets your baby's day to music as you learn signs and songs for everyday events - washing up, getting dressed, going places, getting ready for bed, and more. The Baby Signing Time Series combines clever songs, animation, and real signing babies - all age two and under - to make signing easy and fun. Created specifically for babies as young as 3 months old up to 3 years, yet fun for the whole family!

  • Baby Signing Time CD’s

    All the wonderful Signing Time songs are available on CD’s! Now you can sing, dance and enjoy all the fun.