Client Participation Bibliographies


  • Look ‘n Cook: A Color-coded Picture Cookbook

    This is a practical or survival cookbook for nonreaders and beginning cooks. Recipes are presented in step-by-step pictures and text but require little reading ability and no cooking experience. This cookbook is designed to teach basic conventional cooking techniques and kitchen safety. Includes 40 lessons teaching kitchen safety, cooking techniques, and nutrition.


  • Being With People, set 1

    This program will help service providers teach the essential social skills needed to establish positive relations with friends, dates, housemates, authority figures, strangers and much more.

  • Brushing Your Teeth

    It can be challenging to teach someone with MR/DD how to brush his or her teeth. Finally, there is a teaching tool that lets individuals learn at their own pace, and review material as often as they need. This fun, interactive, visually appealing CD makes learning easier by: Demonstrating skills step-by-step, providing animated demonstrations, and including a printable handout to assist in the transference of skills to the natural environment

  • Community Man, Series 1

    This DVD series promotes living in the community for people with developmental disabilities. Each paro in the series focuses on a specific community resource such as the fire department, the police department, health care, the pharmacy, etc.

  • Ease into Fitness

    This Fitness video is a beginning workout for people with developmental disabilities which features flexibility, aerobics, strength and balance. clients, families, professionals.