Developmental Toys Bibliographies


  • 365 Activities You and Your Baby Will Love

    This book includes one educational play idea per each day of your baby's first year. The ideas include activities which will help develop focus, concentration, spatial awareness, improve coordination and expose your baby to language, music, and nature.

  • Autism and Play

    ¬This handbook describes different play sequences which encourage the integration of social, emotional and cognitive development in children with autism. The easy-to-follow play strategies focus on the four key skills of visualizing, imitation, mirroring and turn-taking.

  • From Toys to Computers

    This book provides ideas and methods for accessing toys and computers together.

  • Homemade Battery Powered Toys and Educational Devices for Severely Handicapped Children

    The author or this book designed simple switches attached to toys that can be activated by a severely handicapped child. The toys with switches may provide initial training of skills later needed in the use of electronic communication devices.

  • Let Me Do it!

    This a practical and usable resource packed with more than 300 projects and activities designed to meet the needs of children with varying abilities including learning disabilities, autism, and mental retardation.