Diabetes Bibliographies


  • Diabetes Self Management

    Diabetes Self Management

  • Diabetes Your Complete Exercise Guide

    This book provides a safe and sensible exercise program, used in conjunction with good nutrition and proper medication that will help you control your condition and improve your health and physical fitness. In addition, you will find a clear explanation of the types of diabetes and their treatments, essentials on tailoring an effective exercise program to fit your capabilities, guidelines for safe exercise, four complete exercise programs, and a unique Health Points System to help you maintain motivation and gauge your progress.

  • Diabetic Cooking

    This is a great diabetic recipe cookbook. The recipes in this publication were specially selected for people with diabetes, developed by the United States Department of Agriculture and the United States Department of Health and Human Services. * This item does not check out.

  • My Sister Rose has Diabetes

    This book describes the impact of diabetes on a ten year old girl, not only through Rose's eyes, but also from her twelve year old brother's point of view. The book explains why some of the family's routines have changed to accommodate the meal schedule of the child with diabetes. It will also be helpful for grandparents, cousins and childhood friends of those special children who have recently developed diabetes.

  • The Down Syndrome Nutrition Handbook

    This much-needed book is the first to look at all aspects of nutrition and healthy living for children with Down Syndrome, from birth through young adulthood. Thoroughly describes the connection between Down Syndrome and nutrition and provides numerous hands-on and fun activities to teach and practice nutrition concepts.