Exercise Bibliographies


  • Deluxe Weight Watchers Light & Tasty

    Deluxe Weight Watchers is a video that teaches people how to cook and eat tasty and healthy foods.

  • Ease into Fitness

    This Fitness video is a beginning workout for people with developmental disabilities which features flexibility, aerobics, strength and balance. clients, families, professionals.

  • Select-A-Meal

    Select-A-Meal is about Mary, a young woman with developmental disabilities, who practices etiquette in order to go to a fancy restaurant with her friend Bruno.

  • Working Out With Sonny And Pedro

    Sonny and Pedro introduce 9 workout routines to tone your body, build your aerobic condition, and make you feel good! The DVD contains 3 walk workouts, 3 strength and flexibility workouts, and 3 dance workouts.