Independent Living Skills Bibliographies


  • 21st Century Life Skills (Series)

    This series of 10 books plus cd resource guide includes instruction on community resources, consumer spending, household tasks, health and safety, etc. must be checked out as series.

  • Community Success

    This instructional book is an illustrated encyclopedia of community based skills. Sixty commonplace activities such as using restrooms, crossing streets, and shopping at the department store are illustrated step by step. Appropriate social skills are integrated into each activity.

  • Community-Based Vocational Training (instructor’s guide)

    This program identifies way to provide community-based vocational training to people with developmental disabilities. It includes information on development of nonpaid job sites, ways to prepare participants for community integration and paid employment.

  • Daily Experience and Activities for Living

    The 6 booklets each with a guide should be used when teaching independent living skills to clients. It includes sections on housing, transportation, nutrition, health, working, etc.

  • Daily Living Skills Worksheets

    This book contains worksheets to be used with people with developmental disabilities who are preparing to live more independently.