Newborns Bibliographies


  • Successfully Parenting your baby with special needs

    Discovering your baby has a problem can be a very traumatic experience. This video is designed to give parents hope and support through enlightening them to the wonderful benefits of Early Intervention.

  • The Baby Book

    This book contains everything you need to know about your baby from birth to age two. It presents a practical, contemporary approach to parenting that reflects the way we live today.

  • The Fussy Baby Book

    The Sears' demonstrate how responsive parenting can turn challenges into advantages for both you and your child.

  • What’s Best For My Baby And Me

    Lerner and Dombro’s 3- step approach helps parents and caregivers find their own solution to everyday parenting challenges.

  • Your Healthy Baby

    This video delivers expert advice on how you can help your child grow up healthy by eating the right foods, getting enough exercise and seeing the doctor regularly. These are important steps to help your children be ready to reach their greatest potential in school and in life.