Play Bibliographies


  • 365 Activities You and Your Baby Will Love

    This book includes one educational play idea per each day of your baby's first year. The ideas include activities which will help develop focus, concentration, spatial awareness, improve coordination and expose your baby to language, music, and nature.

  • Play & Imagination in Children With Autism

    The purpose of this book is to increase what we know and what we can do to help children with autism play and form peer relationships. This volume offers new hope for children with autism by shedding light on theory and practice. It goes beyond the usual autism literature by including what is known about play with typical populations

  • Play It Safe

    This video provides helpful hints for parents on how to create a safe play environment for their child. It also gives advice on how to make toys safe
    for children to play with.

  • Playground Politics

    In this book, the author offers a "road map" for parents to the stages of emotional development during the years from five to twelve. It offers practical advice on how to survive "playground politics" in school, and how to develop a positive self image at the same time.

  • Playing Dynamically- User's Guide

    It contains a user guide and CD for Dynamic Play Activities. To be used with "Speaking Dynamically Pro".