Safety and Community Access Bibliographies


  • Community Success

    Community Success is an illustrated guide of community-based skills. This book is primarily designed for individuals with cognitive or communication disabilities who participate in community-based

  • Life in the Community

    This innovative book series highlights efforts in communities nationwide to improve the quality of life for people of all abilities.

  • Members of the Community

    Members of the Community is a worksheet based book that is used to facilitate community-based learning for students who have developmental or cognitive disabilities

  • SenseAbilities - Understanding Sensory Integration

    This text introduces some of the difficulties the child with a sensory integrative disorder may encounter. It also examines specific types of problems related to the disorder and offers ways to help remediate those problems.

  • Stepping Out

    Stepping Out presents a complete and comprehensive community-based instruction (CBI) curriculum. While the programmatic approach is designed to initiate pre-outing activities and rehearsals in the classroom, its focus is to take instruction out of school and into the community.