Self-Determination Bibliographies


  • Enhancing Lives of Adults with Disabilities: Trainer's Guide

    This provides the resources trainers must have at their fingertips. It includes the condensed full text of "Enhancing the lives", all the answers to each post-test and sidebars on every page that contain notes for the trainer.


  • A Credo for Support

    This video offers suggestions for people who care about and support someone with a disability. It prompts viewers to question the common perceptions of disability, professionalism, and support. It is designed for use in presentations, in-services, staff training, and orientation programs, this video can be a provocative catalyst for a dialogue on these issues.

  • Age Appropriateness: Achieving Adult Status

    This is session 2 of the 6 part The Principles and Practices of Building Community series. The implications of developmental age, mental age and mind of a three year old are thoroughly explored. The audience is introduced to a variety o;f age-appropriate training, media, behaviors, and leisure materials preferred by individuals with developmental disabilities.

  • Instructional Strategies

    This DVD is the 6th and last in The Principles and Practices of Building Community series. It provides an expansive explanation of best practice technology for facilitating skill acquisition to assist viewers to enhance their training skills

  • Making Choice Reality

    This video teaches caregivers ways to empower individuals with developmental disabilities in helping them learn to make choices in their day to day care.