Siblings Bibliographies


  • Los mejores colores

    Cultura, relaciones familiares, desarrollo social, interacción social

  • My Brother Sammy

    A heart warming book about brotherly love which emphasizes that Sammy who has autism needs understanding, patience and acceptance like any other brother.

  • My Brother, Matthew

    This book is a story with special recognition for the brother or sister of a child with disabilities. Siblings often have difficulty adjusting and feel left out especially when their new sibling has special needs. David tells what happens in his family and what it is like to be the older brother of Matthew, born with a brain injury.

  • My Brother, My Sister, and Me

    The way children feel about their brothers and sisters is very complex. Often they will feel a wide range of emotions long before they are able to say what those emotions are. This book explores the dynamics of sibling relationships in simple, reassuring terms. Parents and teachers can help children work through the difficulties, worries, and questions that may arise from life with brothers and sisters. Read the other titles in the "A First Look at...Books" series in this resource center.

  • Nosotros si podemos hacerlo!

    Material para niños, espina bífida, síndrome de Downs, Paralysis Cerebral, escuelas.