Sleep Bibliographies


  • Sleep the Brazelton Way

    All weary new parents long for that magic time when their baby sleeps straight through the night. Most also look forward to the evenings when their active and clingy toddler is able to go to bed without some elaborate ritual that involves hours of their time. In this wise and practical book, Drs Brazelton and Sparrow provide their trademark wisdom and expertise.

  • Sleeping Like A Baby

    This book which is based upon years of research by the author helps parents to understand natural sleep patterns of babies. In addition he explains the various sleep problems of early childhood and identifies treatment possibilities.

  • Sleeping Through The Night

    This book covers everything from how much sleep children need at different developmental stages to solutions to everyday problems such as sleeping away from home or teaching your baby to sleep if you're breastfeeding.

  • Sleeping Through The Night…and other lies

    In this laugh-out-loud collection of wit and wisdom, the"WorkingMother" columnist and author delivers chuckles, cheer and compassion, guaranteed to help parents survive the first three years.

  • Solve Your Child’s Sleep Problems

    Practical and easy to understand, this book tells you how to handle many situations, in children aged one to six, including refusing to go to bed, colic, restlessness, insomnia, night terrors, bedwetting, headbanging and body rocking.