Sleep Bibliographies


  • Song of Night

    The author presents a community of bunnies, squirrels, ducks, and bears who are lovingly being put to bed. This is a perfect book to read to your child at bedtime.

  • The Out-of-Sync Child

    This book is a contribution to the parents of the many children who are so hard to understand. It will help families with the job of addressing the child's underlying difficulties those who have been labeled difficult, picky, over-sensitive, clumsy or inattentive. This book is the first accessible, clearly written guide to Sensory Integration Dysfunction- and a drug-free approach. Sensory Integration Dysfunction is a common, but frequently misdiagnosed, problem in which messages from the senses are not correctly processed by the central nervous system.

  • Touchpoints Birth to Three

    This book offers parents a complete understanding of child development from a physical, cognitive, emotional and behavioral point of view.

  • Touchpoints Three to Six

    "Touchpoints Three to Six" shows parents how to apply Dr. Brazelton's internationally renowned touchpoints approach to the "magic" years - from preschool through first grade.


  • 1-2-3 Magic – Managing Difficult Behavior in Children 2-12

    1-2-3 Magic addresses the difficult task of child discipline with humor, keen insight and proven experience. This time-tested program provides easy-to-follow steps for disciplining children aged 2-12 without yelling, arguing or spanking