Social Skills Bibliographies


  • Making Friends

    This book explores how children make, keep, and end friendships from childhood to early adulthood, focusing on issues of disability and cultural diversity. School-age children of varying backgrounds and abilities share firsthand their feelings on topics ranging from fairness to racial tension.

  • Miss Spider’s Tea Party

    This book invites children to enter Miss Spider’s 3D world of color, wonder, fun and learning.

  • People Skills for Young Adults

    This resource is a complete course in social skills for teenagers and particularly appropriate for those with mild learning difficulties. The course is made up of lots of situations for discussions, role-play and guidelines for course leaders making it easy for those who have not dealt with this subject before.

  • Ready-to-Use Social Skills Lessons & Activities for Grades 7-12

    This resource is designed to help classroom teachers and specialists teach appropriate behavioral skills to students of all abilities.

  • Social ADDept

    Professionals This text provides parents with a practical and user-friendly guidebook for evaluating, monitoring and improving their child's social skills. This field-tested collection of suggestions and strategies will be of great assistance to any parent or professional who is attempting to enhance a child's social competence.