Social Skills Bibliographies


  • Social Behavior Mapping

    This book contains practical, insightful and functional activities which help teach the emotional connection between behavior and associated consequences.

  • Social Skill Strategies: A Social-Emotional Curriculum for Adolescents

    This text is a comprehensive social-emotional skills curriculum for use with pre-adolescent and adolescent students, grade 6-12.

  • Social Skills Activities for Special Children

    This book is designed to provide elementary school teachers of children with special needs with a collection of lessons, activities, and ideas on developing life-long appropriate behaviors for the most important social skills to be practiced in and outside the classroom.

  • Social Star Conflict Resolution and Community

    This text presents an elementary curriculum for teaching social communication skills. The social skills programs are provided as structured opportunities for students to apply and practice newly acquired social skills.

  • The New Social Story Book

    The stories in this book were originally written for children and adults with autistic spectrum disorders by students at Jenison High School in Michigan.