Social Skills Bibliographies


  • The People in a Girl’s Life

    This book was written for girls and young women who have difficulty understanding people around them. This book is presented as a series of letters.

  • Think Social

    This book assists those who work with children who don't pick up on social cues whether they are children on the autism spectrum or those with nonverbal learning disabilities. It starts with lessons on "Being part of a group" and continues into self-monitoring behavior, the development of language-specific skill, awareness of language meaning and the development of imagination in play/conversation.


  • Being A Friend

    This video explains what it means to be a friend, what things can hurt a friendship and how to maintain friendships. The scenes showing many typical "friendship" exchanges encourages viewers to discuss the wrong behaviors and then learn the correct behaviors one must have to make and keep friends.

  • Early Socialization from Age Two to Age Five

    This video follows the children’s social development from the ages of two to five. It provides examples of multiple attachment, language development, imitation, cooperative play, etc.

  • Getting the Story on Social Skills

    This video is about students who improve their manners, appearance, and communication skills and how they can improve their group interactions in the classroom.