Social Skills Bibliographies


  • Kids with Down Syndrome: Staying Healthy and Making Friends

    This video brings together parents and professionals to give an up-to-date and comprehensive guide to the health and social challenges idn the years from walking to adolescence of children with Down syndrome.

  • Learning Disabilities and Social Skills (Last One Picked…First One Picked On) (Parents Guide)

    Richard Lavoie, a nationally known expert on learning disabilities, explains the social problems children with learning disabilities face, and what parents can do to help children improve their social skills. A parent's guide is available under separate cover. In addition, a "Teacher's Guide" of this video with the same title, is also available.

  • Social Stories

    Carol Gray discusses her Social Stories approach and shares insights she's learned as a consultant who works in schools with children with autism.

  • Writing Social Stories with Carol Gray

    This video and accompanying workbook provides step-by-step training; it teaches how to write social stories.