Speech and Language Development Bibliographies


  • It Takes Two to Talk

    This book lays out an approach to overcome barriers to good communication. Through the Hanen Approach, parents learn tools to help the child with limited ability to communicate.

  • Los retardos del lenguaje en el niño

    El libro será una guía de introducción en los conocimientos y las aplicaciones prácticas de la afasiología.

  • Out of Silence

    Out of Silence is the story of Ian Drummond, a child with autism who falls into a world of silence, and his family’s valiant struggle to restore his speech.

  • Supporting Language Learning in Everyday Life

    This book addresses the various aspects of what affects language development in children such as “situations,” culture, school, and other social and emotional causes of language development. The book addresses what naturally occurring situations foster language development the fastest and many other concerns about speech development.

  • The Child with Special Needs

    This book is based upon two decades of clinical practice and original research into developmental disabilities. It helps parents and professionals “get beyond the label” and understand each child’s unique profile using techniques such as the “Floortime” approach.