Spina Bifida Bibliographies


  • A Parent’s Guide to Spina Bifida

    This informative book is designed to help parents and children, healthcare professionals, and educators understand and cope with disorders that appear at birth or in childhood.

  • Children with Spina Bifida,

    This well-illustrated resource describes in detail the medical, therapeutic, and education needs of infants and preschoolers.

  • Learning Disabilities and the Person with Spina Bifida

    This booklet offers information to achieve appropriate assessment and treatment of learning disabilities for the physically disabled population with spina bifida.

  • Living with Spina Bifida

    A comprehensive guide written for those who care for persons with spina bifida. Maps the development stages of the condition, provides practical advice on daily living, and covers key medical, habilitation, and emotional issues.

  • Spinabilities

    This book give the young person wit spina bifida practical tips and suggestion for becoming independent and managing your own health care.