Tourettes Bibliographies


  • Living with Tourette Syndrome

    This book presents solid information on coping with all aspects of Tourette Syndrome from diagnoses to treatment and includes practical information on dealing with particular issues that can arise at school and work.

  • Straight Talk about Psychiatric Medication for Kids

    This is a real how-to for anyone whose child is being treated with medication for psychiatric problems. This book will empower caregivers. The book is concise, well organized, and very easy to use (This essential book will provide the up-to-date information that will enable the reader to fully understand what the doctor is recommending and what their options are).

  • Tourette’s Syndrome: Tics, Obsessions, Compulsions

    A look at Tourette’s Syndrome from a clinical point of view, with an emphasis on research findings and studying individuals from a “whole person” perspective.

  • What Makes Ryan Tick?

    This update to Susan Hughes’ acclaimed Ryan: A Mother’s Story of her Hyperactive/Tourette Syndrome Child follows the difficult adolescent years of individuals with these syndromes and the success found through medication, family, and school support.


  • Shane: Tourette’s Syndrome

    In this video Dr. Oliver Sacks explores the often misunderstood condition of Tourette’s Syndrome, and his unique friendship with Shane, a young man with this disorder.