Health Resources

Primary Physicians and Specialists

  • Whether you have Private Insurance, or are covered by a Managed Care Health Care Plan, you must chose a Primary Care Physician who is part of your plan.
  • You must go through your assigned Primary Care Physician to obtain referrals for other medical services.

If you would like some assistance choosing a primary care physician who is part of your Managed Care or Health Care Plan network, get a list from your plan provider. Your Counselor can ask to have the list reviewed by our Physician, to identify providers who may have with experience serving our patients with developmental disabilities.

Please contact providers directly for if you have questions about specific services or insurance.

For information on drug coverage under Medicare Part D Plans, see Medical Information, Medicare Part D

Toolkit for Primary Care Providers for Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, created by Vanderbilt Kennedy Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities

Dental Services in the HRC area

The State of California Department of Health Services website also provides a directory of dentists who accept DentiCal, searchable by county, that is updated weekly.

Nutrition Services for Children

Other Health Care Programs/Resources

Genetically Handicapped Person Program (GHPP) – If you have a genetic disease such as: sickle cell, cystic fibrosis, hemophilia, etc., this program can help you pay your medical costs and can also help with equipment, medication, and other health costs.
(800) 639-0597
CA Department of Health Care Services website on GHPP

Health Insurance Premium Payment Program (HIPP) – If you are eligible for Medi-Cal, seriously ill with high-cost medical bills and have access to private health care coverage, this special state Medi-Cal program can help you pay for health insurance premium.
(800) 952-5294 or (866) 298-8443
CA Department of Health Care Services website information on HIPP

Ability-to-Pay (ATP) program – If you need medical services, they are available at public and private clinics, hospitals, and many other locations and can be provided at no cost depending on your income. Medical services, including tests and prescriptions, are provided on an ability-to-pay basis.
(800) 427-8700
More information

Outpatient Reduced-Cost Simplified Application (ORSA) - ORSA assists people who are not able to pay for their outpatient medical care. You must be a resident of Los Angeles County, have no income or low income, and cannot qualify for Medi-Cal. ORSA is good for 1 year, after which you must reapply. ORSA recipients can receive medical care and medications at specific clinic locations.
For more information: call (800) 378-9919 or see information sheet from Los Angeles County Dept. of Health

Baby Cal – If you are pregnant and need information about prenatal care and other state-related programs, this information line can help you find the care you need.
(800) BABY-999 (222-9999)

Child Health & Disability Prevention Program (CHDP) – Children with Medi-Cal (birth to age 21) or children without Medi-Cal (birth to age 19 years) in low to moderate income families are eligible for free immunization shots and health check-ups from CHDP-approved providers.
(800) 993-CHDP (2437)
Long Beach: (562) 570-7980
Pasadena: (626) 744-6016