Publications To Purchase

HRC Materials Available For Purchase

HRC has made some of the materials which we have developed available for sale. Please contact the HRC Resource Center for further information at (310) 543-0691.

Conference DVDs are available of the October 2010 Conference on Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities: Breaking the Barriers- Forming Cross System Partnerships to Effectively Serve Individuals with Mental Illness and Intellectual Disabilities. The DVD features noted leaders in this field discussing best practices in Assesment and Diagnosis, Treatment, Psychopharmacological Treatment, and Other Strategies

We are happy to offer our new Get Fit! Cookbook, which was created especially for use by individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. It includes easy-to-use recipes as well as step-by step guidance for meal planning, shopping, menu selection when dining out, and much more.

Service providers of day activities for adults with developmental disabilities find our booklet, Places To Go, Things To Do, to be especially helpful. It is designed to help them provide individuals in their care with a variety of activities which are meaningful and bring purpose and pleasure into their daily life. Please stop by the Resource Center to see a copy.

Another special media product created by HRC is an interactive CD ROM,Developmental Disabilities: Faces, Patterns, Possibilities, that provides an oveview of four main types of developmental disabilities, autism, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and mental retardation - also known as mental retardation) served by the regional center. It features some of our clients in their day-to-day experiences, as well as their family members sharing thoughts about their sons and daughters. It also features questions and answers by experts in developmental disabilities, including regional center clinical staff, and medical professionals from leading universities.

How Far We've Come looks at the significant accomplishments made for people with developmental disabilities in California, as well as the challenges that remain, since the creation of the regional center system 40 years ago. This film can be purchased through the HRC Resource Center.

Printed copies of most HRC booklets, brochures, and videos may also be purchased. (A single copy of most printed materials may be obtained free of charge.) For additional information, please contact the HRC Resource Center at (310) 543-0691.