California Budget Update 2017/18


July 2017

What Changed for Developmental Services Funding?

  • Total expenditures for 2017/18 for developmental services are expected to exceed $7 Billion. The budget projects a total increase of 317,283 new clients to be served statewide.
  • Respite Services: Since budget reductions made during the great recession in 2009, respite services have been capped at 90 hours per quarter. In this budget the cap on respite services will be lifted, beginning January 1st, 2018. Services will continue to be determined according to individual/family need but will no longer have this legislatively established cap at 90 hours per quarter. This is something that our statewide regional center and Lanterman Coalition advocacy teams strongly advocated for in our visits with legislators.
  • Unfortunately the prohibition of funding of social recreation and camp services will continue. We advocated for restoration of these services, but this decision by the budget committee was influenced by the projected costs for restoring these services.
  • Allows Community Placement Plan funds to be used more flexibly as community resource development funds
  • Requires objectives to be included in regional center annual performance contracts that measure progress and report outcomes in implementing the state’s Employment First Policy
  • Authorizes an exemption to be granted for a client’s participation in a paid internship program or competitive integrated employment even though s/he is still eligible for school
  • Authorizes regional centers to provide funding for Early Start services when the service coordination team has determined the needed services are not available through a family’s insurance plan
  • Read More about the Department of Developmental Services Budget for Community Services (Regional Centers) here.